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Underwater photo showing a hard bottom with different species of sea grass

The Baltic Sea Environment; Challenges and Solutions



Full course description

The course introduces you to the basics of the Baltic Sea, with its fragile and unique environment. Taking the course will help to better understand how human impacts are changing its marine ecosystems, but also how one can best reverse the negative trends of its destruction.

Whether you take this course in your own pace, or within your university, we invite you to take part of the different lectures, and do the assignments for each topic. We hope you will learn something new about our beautiful semi-enclosed sea in Northern Europe.

The course is built up with five chapters, each covering a new theme in several sections.

  1. Evolution, physical description and climate
  2. Life in the Baltic Sea
  3. Pressures and challenges
  4. Environmental management
  5. Examples from the region and future outlook

The course takes approximately 50 hours to complete and if fully completed, students can request a digital certificate upon completing the course.

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