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Finnish Coastline Sustainable Tourism in the Baltic Sea Region is a Course

Sustainable Tourism in the Baltic Sea Region



Full course description

The Course Sustainable Tourism in the Baltic Sea Region aims to provide a basic but comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the origins, applications, analyses and examples of Sustainable Tourism with a specific regional focus on the Baltic Sea. The course has both an interdisciplinary and interregional focus and is designed to give the learner a broad but still focused introduction to the topic with socio-political, economic and environmental viewpoints. The topics that will be covered in this course include the introduction of sustainable tourism, its stakeholders, challenges and theories. Numerous examples will be given, including cases and specific aspects of the topic. The course is a regional cooperation between many researchers across the Baltic Sea Region, including those from Sweden, Finland, Ukraine and Poland. 

The course consists of four modules:

-An introduction to Sustainable Tourism

-Aspects of sustainable tourism

-Sustainable spatial planning of tourism destinations

-Examples from the field

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