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The Baltic Sea from the International Space Station

Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region



Full course description

Are you interested in learning more about climate change in the Baltic Sea Region? Then this is the course for you. 

In this course, you will learn, discuss and gain new experiences about climate change on both a global and regional level. The course consists of a wide range of modules that aim to give you as a student a holistic understanding of climate change in the Baltic Sea Region. The materials are developed by an international team of climate change experts and university teachers from different universities in the Baltic Sea Region. Each of them will contribute with their knowledge and expertise, while also teaching parts of the materials.

You will learn about basic climatology, how the planet is warming, how human societies are driving the warming, how we can be sure that climate change is happening, why climate change should be seen as something urgent that we need to address and finally how we can adapt and mitigate to climate change.

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